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გთხოვთ გაითვალისწინოთ, რომ სააგენტოს კონსულტაცია უფასოა და პროგრამის საფასურს ნახავთ შესაბამისი სასწავლებლის ვებ გვერდზე


List of the agency’s partner schools

G e r m a n y

F+U Heidelberg

Students who finish the 2-year IB-programme will obtain an university entrance qualification

that is equivalent to the Abitur, so they will be able to enter German universities without a problem if they obtain the necessary German skills either during the time in the IB-programme or at our international language school.

IB® students will be accommodated in a spacious twin room with en-suite shower/toilet and internet access in the F+U Boarding School, which is located in the same building complex as the HPC.

The F+U Boarding School’s services include

intensive round-the-clock care by pedagogically trained

staff, including weekends and holidays

  • personal supervision & study support
  • full board
  • leisure activities
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