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გთხოვთ გაითვალისწინოთ, რომ სააგენტოს კონსულტაცია უფასოა და პროგრამის საფასურს ნახავთ შესაბამისი სასწავლებლის ვებ გვერდზე

List of the agency’s partner Universities

ქვევით იხილავთ სააგენტოს პარტნიორ უნივერიტეტებს უნგრეთში. ლინკით შგიძლიათ გადახვიდეთ უნივერსიტეტის საიტზე და იხილოთ მაგისტრატურის, საბაკალავრო და პროფესიული პროგრამები რომელსაც გთავაზობთ კონკრეტული უნივერსიტეტი უნგრეთში.


 Buckingham University International Business School offers joint degree Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in cooperation with the prestigious Buckingham University (UK) in different fields of business such as general business studies, international business relations, finance, tourism and arts management. The language of tuition is English on all programmes. IBS provides a one-year long preparatory English course for those who need to improve their language skills. IBS is famous for its truly international atmosphere, practice-oriented teaching, one-year long built-in internship and excellent employment rates. IBS has campuses in Budapest and graduate school in Viena.

ბაკალავრის სტუდენტებისთვის პირველ წელზე 25 % ფასდაკლება შესაძლებელია თუ IELST 6.5 (არანაკლებ 6.0ისა ყოველ საგანში), განაცხადის ბოლო ვადა 30 ნომებრი თებევლის ინტეიკზე და 30 აპრილი სექტემბრის ინტეიკზე;

ყოველ შემდეგ სემესტრიდან შესაძლებალი 75 % მდე სტიპენდია აკადემიური მოსწრების მიხედვით. აქვთ ინგლისის ერთ-ერთი წამყვნი უნივერსიტეტის სამაგისტრო პროგრამები



Eötvös Loránd University is home to Hungary’s best and one of East-Central Europe’s strongest Faculties of Humanities (ELTE BTK). Established in 1635, it has ranekd absolute first among the 169 faculties of 71 institutions of higher education in the country for four years. It is a world-class faculty with degree courses at BA, MA and PhD levels. Short-term, one-semester courses have been recently launched especially for international students. 60 foreign languages and their related cultures at taught at the institution. The Faculty of Humanities is committed to developing innovative, creative and enterprising research in the heart of the vibrant Hungarian capital, Budapest.



ერთ-ერთი საუკეთესო სამედიცინო უნივერსიტეტი ევროპაში

The University of Debrecen is the largest and one of the oldest higher education institution in Hungary offering the widest choice of majors in the country. As one of only three universities of national excellence our university is also a major actor in the innovation economy. the university is responsible for 15% of the research volume carried out in Hungary. For the most talented students we provide career opportunities in scientific research. Our goal is to train professionals possessing all necessary skills and knowledge to enter the regional, national, or international labour market with a competitive degree. University of Debrecen has a wide range of agreements and co-operations with local and national companies. Among these are educational, research and innovation collaborations with multinational companies including National Instruments, DeutscheTelekom, TEVA and Richter Pharmaceuticals.This enables our students to gain valuable first-hand experience at these companies and greatly enhance their opportunities of employment after graduation. We are proud to offer more than 30 full degree programs with the English language of instruction: We offer International Foundation Year and Semester, different types of English Language Courses, Undergraduate, Graduate and PhD programs in IT, engineering, science, music, business, humanities and law.

Also a World Health Organization accredited Medical School, with a lot of clinics and residency possibility





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